Marketing used to be simple. Put an advertisement in the paper– the phone rings and individuals stroll through your door. But put yourself in today’s consumer shoes for a second– when was the last time you picked up a telephone directory or scanned a paper to find a local business? Do you think that’s where possible consumers are discovering you?

  • Truth– 97 % of consumers use the web to find regional businesses (Google).So if your company does not appear on the front page of regional search engine rankings, then you’re losing hundreds of sales chances– everyday.
    With 1.8 billion searches made by consumers searching for regional companies monthly, someone is always looking for your service or products. Having a site is an excellent start, but if it does not show up on the very first page of natural online search engine positions, then you’re losing prospective sales to local companies noted above you.
  • As a business owner, can you really afford to sit back and let “the other guy” take money out of your pocket?

Local SEO Works-

My SEO Agency will help your business thrive in the digital age, and Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a fantastic area to start. We develop proven online techniques that drive local traffic to your  site– making use of the best in proven SEO practices to guarantee you do not lose out on sales opportunities.

Let’s Recap-

  • 93 % of all local searches performed will eventually transform into a sale.
  • 58 % of consumers say they changed the phone book with the Web.
  • 43 % of ‘ALL’ searches on Google consist of a geographical modifier like a city or postal code.
  • Local SEO while a business expense, is capable of delivering real tangible ROI.  Utilizing certain keywords and phrases (think about what your customer might be looking for as far as your services, and those are keywords) to bring in earnest visitors to your website, a localized SEO program puts your company in front of clients who are all set to purchase today!