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Your playbook for click-to-call paid search is here

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By Digital Marketing Depot

Consumers now click on “Call” buttons from search ads and landing pages by the billions. To stay competitive, marketers must change their desktop-centric thinking and adopt new mobile-first ad, bidding, and attribution strategies for call conversions. Use this new playbook from DialogTech to get started. Learn proven strategies to drive calls and revenue from paid search, including:

  • how to take advantage of AdWords and Bing ad formats for click-to-call.
  • targeting and bidding options to drive call conversions.
  • the key data around phone calls you must capture to prove and optimize performance.
  • ways marketers are controlling the in-call experience to convert more callers to sales.

Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “The Click-to-Call Playbook for Paid Search.”

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